Sen. Kennedy reveals the truth about the bipartisan infrastructure bill

Sen. Kennedy said calling the bill an infrastructure bill was like 'calling Anthony Weiner a saint'

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., slammed the bipartisan infrastructure bill Tuesday on ‘Hannity,’ saying it was more "Green New Deal and welfare" than infrastructure. 

SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: They told us it was about real infrastructure, it wasn't. Calling this bill an infrastructure bill is like calling Anthony Weiner a saint. There is more Green New Deal and welfare in this bill than infrastructure. They told us this bill was paid for, it isn't. They told us the bill wouldn't raise taxes, it does. They told us the bill wouldn't contribute to inflation and higher prices, it will. They told us … if we pass the infrastructure bill would make it harder to pass President's Biden's companion bill, the $4-5 trillion tax and spending binge reconciliation act that we're debating right now. It will make it easier to pass that act.